Cream Tea Guide | Devon, Cornwall & Beyond

Warm fresh scones, thick clotted cream and sweet strawberry jam, everyone loves cream tea’s and its not hard to see why. Here at we’re even more passionate than most about this wonderful Westcountry delicacy.

Cream Tea GuideThe cream tea guide is a website set-up to promote cream tea’s, helping everyone find great tasting cream and afternoon tea’s, whether in Devon, Cornwall, London or beyond.

As well as listing some of the best tearooms and hotels serving cream tea’s throughout the UK, the cream tea guide is also here to educate people on the cream tea, including what is it, it’s origin and difference between Devonshire and Cornish cream teas.

Where can you buy cream tea’s outside of the Westcountry, where are the best cream tea’s in Devon & Cornwall, how can you buy cream tea’s by mail order, how do you make the perfect scone, are all questions that we’ll address on this site.

Afternoon Tea DevonFor Devon & Cornwall at least a cream tea is usually always included in an afternoon tea so we’ll also be providing information on some of the best places for afternoon tea within these counties, helping to provide useful information on the price and whether you can purchase gift vouchers for afternoon tea at various hotels.

If you’re¬†looking for dog friendly places to enjoy a cream tea or for venues serving gluten free cream tea’s we’ll aim to help you out by listing this information too.