What is the Cream Tea Guide?

The cream tea guide has been set-up to help promote tearooms and hotels serving good quality cream and afternoon tea’s so that customers can easily find a good cream/afternoon tea venue near them.


Why create a cream tea guide?

Cream teas are very popular and lots of people search specially for places that do a great cream tea. This is particular true for visitors to Devon and Cornwall who want to ensure their holiday includes the region’s best specialities and also want to research and find somewhere with a great local reputation.

Who are we?

We’re from Devon and like to think of ourselves as cream tea connoisseurs keen to provide information that will help others share in our passion. Cream teas are our specialist subject and we want to show off our knowledge.

Work with us

Our site gets lots of traffic from people looking for a great cream tea at a specific location. These are not people browsing through magazine articles but are buyers already knowing that they want to go for a cream tea in a particular area.

Key Facts:

  • 21,202 people looking for a cream tea in Cornwall reached the site in 2016.
  • 10,594 people looking for a cream tea in Devon reached the site in 2016.
  • The tearoom with the most clicks received 431 referrals from us in 2016 (all venues in mainland Cornwall had over 100 referrals).

Some example Google rankings (90 days to 13 Jan 17)

Afternoon Tea Cornwall   1.8 (means either 1st or 2nd result on page 1)
Best Cream Tea in Cornwall   1.0
Cream Teas in Cornwall   1.7
Tea Rooms Cornwall   2.2
Best Cream Tea in Devon   1.6
Cream Teas in North Devon   2.0

For anyone featured on any of our guides we’re also more than happy for them to use our logo on their website or any other marketing.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss being listed.

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