National Cream Tea Day Returns in June

National Cream Tea Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the cream tea. It began in 2015 when the Cream Tea Society, a collaboration between Rodda’s Clotted Cream and Tiptree Jam, successfully launched this much needed national day. With national days like Bean Day, Bubble Bath Day, National Nothing Day and Measure Your Feet Day to mention a few in January alone, it’s clear that National Cream Tea Day was long overdue!

National Cream Tea Day

When is National Cream Tea Day?

National Cream Tea Day is on the last Friday in June, which is 24 June 2016.

What happens on National Cream Tea Day?

The ultimate intention is that it gives everyone an excuse to indulge in a cream tea that weekend. There’s likely to be a surge in cream tea related news and debate on Twitter from accounts such as @CreamTeaSociety, @jam_first, @Roddas_Cream & @CreamTeaHour. Also, last year the Cream Tea Society created an impressive cream tea hat to be worn at Ascot.

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